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Dec 11, 2013 - 1 minute read - Comments - misc

Shift My Personal Blog To Github

I haven’t updated my old blog for long time, one of the reason is because it’s not easy to post a blog with code snippets on blospot. Few days back, I came by an article mentioned blogging on Github; after read through the article, I felt that’s the blog engine I really want. My blog is all about programming stuff, so static pages would fulfill my requriements. Blogging on Github require some initial setup, but with Octopress, the task becomes simple. Just follow the documents on Octopress website, you can have your personal blog on Github in few minutes.

To me, I think blogging on Github has following benefits you might also want:

  • Version control with git, not only your post been version controlled, but also, you make yourself familiar with git
  • Very nich code snippets sharing
  • Writting in Markdown, no need to care much about formatting and stylem. Just follow Markdown syntax, and it is easy
  • Unlimited space to store your contents.

Anyway, this marks my first blog on Github.

Blog Using Octopress On Multiple Computer

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