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Jan 9, 2014 - 1 minute read - Comments - Octopress

Bought Domain For My Github Pages

Today I bought my first personal domain zhuyong.me and pointed to my github pages.

The reason why I bought domain is to push myself, to encourage myself to continously update this blog. Plus, the domain + 1 year pravacy protection only cost US$8.99 under current promotion.

The setup is pretty easy:

  1. create CNAME file under source/ folder. In this file, just input my newly bought domain: zhuyong.me
  2. run rake generate to put CNAME in master
  3. setup DNS, I bought my domain from namecheap. So just point zhuyong.me to, and, then point www.zhuyong.me to yongzhy.github.io.
  4. that’s all, just wait for less than 30mins, the domain is updated and I have zhuyong.me now pointed to my github pages.