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Jan 16, 2014 - 1 minute read - Comments - Octopress

Create favicon For My Blog

Last night I was thinking to create a favicon for this octopress blog. Just now, after lunch, I spent some time search on google and finally created my own favicon.

My first idea was to create a icon using my own face cropped from picture, but the result of 16x16 pixel image was just too small to hold the details. Then I decided to go a simple wway, do a favicon just with text zy. Then I come cross this website called faviconist. This website make the process to create text favicon so easy. I set the background color same as base03 in the famous solarized color theme, the text color to #CCCCCC, and the font I chose bold Redressed.

Below is the screen when I created my favicon.

Screen to create favicon