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Jan 22, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments - GAE golang

My First Google App Engine In Golang : Hello World!

Long time ago, I was thinking to build something using Google App Engine. But I didn’t start coding after created the app in GAE. So the apps remain there with a None Deployed status.

Yesterday I downloaded the GAE Golang SDK, the reason for choosing experimental golang SDK is that, I want to be more familar with Golang though the process of GAE development.

So the process started with the the Hello World example. I created the folder and files, then when I issue goapp serve command, I saw error about the app.yaml file. It’s because the indent of line

- url: /.*

After corrected the indent problem, the server started successfully. I need to mention that I ssh remote login my Ubuntu server to do the development. So after the HelloWorld app server started, I tested on my laptop with (assume my Ubuntu server IP is Chrome reported page can’t found. That’s strange, there is no error message from GAE, but there must be something wrong.

So I use goapp help serve, then I found there is a --host= option, then I tried to set the host to ip, bingo, I saw hello world!.

After that I still wondering why I can’t access the server using IP if I didn’t append the --host= options. Then I found someone asked the same question on StackOverflow in Year 2011. I confirmed the answer of --host= works same as --host=

Next step I will finish the app I should finish long time ago.