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Jan 23, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments - gadget

I Ordered "Call Of Duty: Ghosts Eyewear"

This afternoon I placed an order for 3 pieces of Call Of Duty Ghosts By Allure Eyewear. One for myself and the other two for my colleagues.

Call Of Duy Ghosts By Allure Eyewear

One week ago, I didn’t even know there are glasses specially designed for heavy computer user and gamers. One day, one of my colleagues said he was going to buy a glass from Amazon, ask me to search word gunnar to have a look. Then he said the glass can give eyes some relief for full day computer user like us, almost all professional gamer wear this kind of glass to protect their eyes. So I did some google about this eyewear. From reviews on various websites, the feedbacks are quite possitive and effective. So I decided to invest one to protect my precious eyes.

I can’t buy those widely available eyewear from gunnar because I am a shortsighted person, and I already wear a pair of glass. I need to find the clip-on type of eyewear, and I only found this from Amazon, and it was out of stock, some unknown sellers sell it over US$60 at that time. Then I visited homepage of gunnar, I can’t find the clip-on type, but shortsighted people can order customized glasses with a much higher prices. We haven’t tried this kind of glasses before, invest over US$250 for a customized glass without known its effect is kind of risky. So we decided to wait for the stock come back for the clip-on type.

This afternoon, I visited amazon again and found they got stock and the price is only US$33.99, that’s much cheaper compare to US$60. Although we need to pay over S$50 shipping fee for 3 pieces of the eyewear, my colleagues and I decided to place the order. Only by then, I noticed this eyewear is from Allure Eyewear instead of gunnar, no wonder I can’t find this type from gunnar official website. So I googled again for reviews on Allure Eyewear, again, the reviews are good. And one comments over a review article mentioned the official website of Allure Eyewear sell Call Of Duty Ghosts cheaper than this older Call of Duty Black Ops II. That’s good information before I place order.

So I visited Allure Eyewear website, and indeed, the new type is cheaper, only sell at US$24.99. And there international shipping is only US$20, much cheaper than Amazon. Without further waiting, I placed order. It will take 5-7 business days for the shipping. I will write one review after I receive it.