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Jan 25, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments - applications

How I Use Google Keep To Manage Todo List

I use Pomodoro Technique at office, although I don’t follow it strictly, the technique did improve my productivity, and it’s very effective. I use Tomighty desktop timer, it’s free and opensource. Then for the todo list, I use Google Keep, I don’t really record down how many pomodori I spend on a task. The main reason for me to apply Pomodoro Technique is to make me stay focus and concentrate. Google Keep is not dedicated application for todo list, its capability to support todo list simply enought for my requirements.

Just as other Google product, Google Keep interface is clean and minimal, they have Chrome App and Android App. And the best part of Google Keep is its sync function, you can modify your Google Keep on multiple devices and they all sync to your Google account.

Below is my practice to use Google Keep as my todo list.

  • For everyday todo list, I create a Googe Keep entry, titled with the date.
  • I only keep recent few days’ todo list, older entries will be archived
  • Every night, I will review today’s todo list, copy those items that not finished and need to continue tomorrow to a new Keep entry, titled as tomorrow’s date. Then add new list items if there are.
  • Then I will arrange those items in priority order
  • Next day, I will try to follow the order to finish the tasks.
  • Once a task is done, after marking as done, I will move it to the bottom of the list, then start work on the next item.
  • There is also a special Keep entry function as the pool to keep Todo Items Later. I constantly review and upate items in this entry.

There are many note taking or todo list softwares, I also use Evernote and Microsoft OneNote for other purpose. So far, I am quite happy with the way I use Google Keep. You may use any note takeing software in whatever style, as long as it helps for your life or work.