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Jan 28, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments - gadget

Half Day With Allure Eyewear "Call Of Duty : Ghost"

Just before lunch time, security guard at reception desk called me to collect my parcel. I knew my 3 pieces of Call Of Duty : Ghost have arrived. I placed order on 23 Jan and it only takes 5 days for international shipping, the speed is fast enough for a US$20 delivery.

My excutement and happiness didn’t last long until I opened the box and only see two pieces of eyeware inside. I immediately opened my order online and checked carefully, yes, the invoice stated clearly that I ordered 3 pieces of eyewear, but I only got 2 of them shipped. And there is only 1 shipment number, so I guess there won’t be a second package on the way. Next I immediately sent an email through the online contact form, but I think it will take some hours before I got response due to the different timezone. Let’s wait and see how Allure reply.

After lunch time, I clipped the eyewear onto my glass and used it for the whole afternoon. So here is how I feel about this eyewear with one afternoon experience:

  • I felt a little giddy at first, guess is due to the 0.2 diopter. But my eyes soon get used to it.
  • It’s a little bit heavy for this clip-on eyewear + my glass
  • When the time I left company, my eyes didn’t have strong dry feeling as usual. I can confirm this is not due to phychological factor. I can really feel it. Tomorrow I will use it for whole day, I think the feel will be clearer.
  • It’s troublesome to take off the eyewear when I left my cubicle to pantry or toilet, then put on again.

Basically, this product worth the US$25 price, I would suggest this for anyone who work on computer for long hours. Of course, if you already wear glass and have the budget, I strongly suggest go to the gunnar customization option.

Update 2014-02-04 : I contacted Allure on 28 Jan, and they processed another shipment for the 3rd eyewear at U.S locat time 01/29/2014 5:19 P.M. I must say their action and response was really fast. For this reason, I would recommend Allure to anyone that interested to buy eyeware to protect their eyes.