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Feb 4, 2014 - 1 minute read - Comments - chromecast gadget

Google Released Chromecast SDK : Countless Apps Coming

After received my Chromecast for 10 days, I received good news from Google. Google finally opened chromecast SDK to all developers. This is what Chromecast users and developers waiting for long time. Developers now must be busy coding to integrate the SDK into their apps, so countless Chromecast-compatible apps would show-up any day now.

Media player apps will be the first batch to support Chromecast, especially for local media streaming. I think this is the most desired feature for most of Chromecast users including me. I use MX Player a lot, I can’t wait to see it with Chromecast support.

I don’t play games on phone, but I think there will be plenty of games with Chromecast support. People likes to play games on large screen, supporting for Chromecast would be a must have feature for any android games from now on.

For developers, check the two links below to start your development.