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Feb 8, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments - reading

Thoughts After Read "The Power Of Habit"

I have finished the book “The Power Of Habit” one week ago. This is an interesting, easy reading and transformative book. It uses plenty of examples to explain how habits been created, changed for individuals, organization and the whole society.

The concept of habit loop is simple, it consists of a cue, a routine and a reward. No matter good or bad habits, they all been created following this loop with or without our awareness.

Habits once formed, it won’t be forgotten, it can only be changed, and the changed part is the routine. The changing process at the beginning might be hard and slow, we might turn to the old routine some time, that’s why patient and persistent is important in the process of habit changing. One tactic is to aim one keystone habit, keystone habit changing will radially change orther habits in the process.

In the book it also mentioned willpower, there is a pool for willpower with limited quantity, and it is shared for all our mind control activities. Good news is that willpower can be trained, trained willpower has larger pool and it will not shrink later.

I am applying the tactics in this book to change some of my “bad” habits, and I already see progress. That’s wonderful to see the progress, the happiness and satisfaction is also reward for me.

Be Patient, Be Persistent