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Nov 26, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments - HHKB gadget

HHKB Pro 2 Type-S After One Week

My HHKB Pro 2 Type-S was delivered to my house on 19 Nov, so till today, I have officially owned it one week. So I think it’s time to write down my feeling about this well designed keyboard.

Before I purchase HHKB, I have being using old IBM Model M SSK for two years, the feel for IBM Model M is superb, it’s just too noisy. I should say sorry to colleagues whose seats near me. My work platform is Windows, and I use Total Commander as my primary file manager. So my short review for HHKB would based on my daily usage scenario, with comparison to Model M.


  • Size, the super compact size, I love it
  • Key layout, for people use Emacs and VIM as their editor. Now on every computer I own, I will map Caps Lock to Ctrl, I just feel it’s so convenient compare to Ctrl at left bottom corner.
  • Quite, compare to my old IBM Model M, it’s so quite.
  • USB Hub, I put my Logitech Performance MX receiver on one of the two USB port.
  • Configurable, and have Windows key, of course, this is advantage compare to old Model M.


  • USB cable location. If the USB was at left or right side of HHKB, it could be much better.
  • No dedicated function key, and arrow key, not convenient for Windows user with Total Commander like me.
  • Key press feeling not good as IBM Model M, no ‘Click’ feeling
  • Key layout, unless you have HHKB connected to all your desktop / laptop, you will keep press \ on computer without HHKB.

Here is a picture of my two beloved keyboards.

HHKB and IBM Model M SSK