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Dec 8, 2014 - 1 minute read - Comments - gadget

DIY Cut My Sim Card To Micro-Sim

It has been weeks since I purchased my LG G Pro 2, but I haven’t insert sim card into it yet. The reason is because my current sim card is the normal size sim card, but LG G Pro 2 needs micro-sim card. I checked with my Telco M1 customer service, they said they don’t provide sim card cutting service, I must pay S$37 to get a micro-sim card. To me, this S$37 is too expensive, so I didn’t buy from M1 and just use the new phone as a Tablet to surf net.

Last week during one day lunch time, I asked my coleagues where can I find sim card cutting service, one of my colleagues said he has a cutter but never used it before, so I asked him to bring the cutter to office. And he did it today, so I cut my sim card to micro-sim. With the cutter, the task was simple and easy. Attached a picture for the cutter and frame left from origin sim card.

Cutter and remainning of normal sim card