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Dec 22, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments - gadget

Upgraded My HP DV6-6144TX To SSD + HDD

I received my Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD on 17 Dec, on that night, immediately after my kids slept, I went to study room and replaced the internal Toshiba SATA II HDD to this SSD. Next I partitioned the drive and installed Windows 7 Ultimate, the waiting time for Windows booting was significantly reduced.

Next on 18 Dec night, after I installed all drivers for Windows 7, I tried to install a Debian 7.7 system to another partition to make the computer dual boot. But I failed on first try, because non-free firmware required for the WIFI hardware, but the installer can’t load firmware from the bootable USB drive. So I prepared another USB thumbdrive dedicated for the non-free firmware on 19 Dec night, this time the installation process went smoothly and I have Debian 7.7 and Windows 7 dual booting..

On 20 Dec, my shopping packages from Taobao were delivered, one of those packages is the SATA adapter to replace the DVD drive, this adapter only costed my RMB 27, which is very very cheap. On that night, I took out the DVD drive and replaced it with that adapter and the original Toshiba SATA II hard drive. So now my laptop has over 1TB hard drive capacity.

This is the image of Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD

The SATA adapter with Toshiba SATA II drive mounted

SSD and SATA adapter installed on the system. The adapter doesn’t have the hole to mount screw at location 1, and its size is smaller than the original DVD drive, so it left some part un-covered at location 2. Considering the very cheap price, I am OK with the two not perfect point.