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Dec 29, 2014 - 4 minute read - Comments - misc

2014 Year End Summary

It’s end of Year 2014 and it’s the time to write summary for this year. Year 2014 is just an ordinary year same as previous few years, the main reason is there were no much excited things happen. There were several good opportunities for me to change, but unfortunately, I didn’t prepare myself well and I missed all those opportunities. I really think developer should be already be ready for opportunities, you never know when will an opportunity appears.

Anyway, to summarize my Year 2014, I grouped those things that worth mention here into few categories:

Big Change

There is only one thing can fit this category in 2014. On 31 July, I received email from HDB to inform us that we got queue No. 1 in HDB May 2014 sale of balance flats exercise. So I chose a new HDB 5 room flat from Costa Ris @ Pasir Ris, the location is good, very near to MRT station. My current flat location is also very good, 5 minutes walking distance to Boon Lay MRT, we decided to move to east side for better air quality and more places for kids to play. In the past two months, I was busy with new flat renovation. Every weekend I travel from very west of Singapore to very east of Singapore to monitor the renovation progress. The renovation is still in progress and we plan to move in after Chinese New Year 2015.

Gadgets Bought In Year 2014

  • Acer C720 ChromeBook : I have install Ubuntu on this Chromebook through crouton, for the whole year, this notebook was my main computer. I use ChromeOS to surf web and use Ubuntu to do development and blog writing. I really love this machine.
  • Chromecast from Google : Mainly used to play videos from YouTube for my kids.
  • Allure Eyewear: Call Of Duty Ghost : No use much after few months
  • HHKB Pro 2 Type-S : To me, the key feeling not so good as my old IBM Model S
  • LG G Pro 2 : Good Phablet, nice battery life
  • SandDisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD : Good deal from Amazon and very good performance

Continuous / Ongoing Efforts

  • Answered some StackOverflow questions and earned few hundreds reputation points.
  • Bought a domain and start writing blog on GitHub page. The first blog post was on 11 Dec 2013 and total of 34 blog posts have been published. From Google Analytics report, now the blog has 800 page view per month, the number is not much, but I am glad that some of the posts did helped the readers.
  • Use Google Keep as my daily ToDoList since 21 Jan 2014, so far it works well for my needs. Every morning I create a new task list with the date in title, then copy previous day’s incomplete task to this new list, and also add new tasks. Tasks may not be completed in sequence, or been listed for quite few days, but it’s OK, as long as I know there is this task need to be done.
  • Use Google Calendar as my diary to record my two boys’ remarkable event since 06 Dec 2013. I create one calendar for each boy, then share the calendars to my wife, both of us tried to update the calendars daily, so we won’t miss any valuable moment with the two boys.

Books I Have Read in 2014

  • The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
  • Steve Jobs (Chinese Version)
  • Just for Fun - Linus Torvalds (Chinese Version)
  • Among Thieves
  • Hunger Game I, II and III
  • Ender’s Game
  • Harry Potter (All 7 Books, Chinese Version)


  • Developed a simple 2048 clone in Golang, console version. code here
  • Developed a QT GUI tool to re-init Trace32 after detected target power cycle from the messages printed on serial port.