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Jan 6, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments - DIY

HDB BTO Home Network DIY

Inspired by this blog, I decided to DIY the network thing for my new HDB flat when I was shopping on Taobao in Nov. Followed the suggestion in that blog, I bought all necessary items from Taobao, but the network modules I bought are Cat 6 module, not 5E.

On Jan 03, my contractor went to my new HDB flat to install the lights we bought from Taobao, while they doing the lights installation, I was doing DIY job to change all RJ11 phone jacks to network RJ45 jacks.

Below are the tools I used for this DIY job.

Start from bedrooms, change the RJ11 to RJ45 one by one.

This picture is the original RJ11 panel.

Take off the cover from the panel.

Loosen the screws on the panel. The cable inside is already Cat 6 network cable. So I just need to change the modules and panels.

Put the color wires into each slot on the network module. Use pattern B

Cut off the extra wires, put on the back cover.

Insert module into the panel.

Use back the origin screws to fasten the panel.

After all three bedrooms and the bomb shelter (Yes, I changed the module and panel in bomb shelter as well). The next job is tougher, I need to do add modules to all terminal in the power box behind the main gate.

This is the original lines.

After I connect the modules to all lines.

This is the final work.

The whole process was not difficult, just need to be careful to match the color lines with the pattern on the modules.