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Feb 1, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments - vim clang

Re-Hacked YouCompleteMe to Support Lamely Structured Projects

Nearly 1 Year ago, I attempted to hack YouCompleteMe for clang code completion for a lamely structured project, that hacking worked, but the hacking was dirty. For background information, here is my origin question on StackOverflow and here is the detail about my first dirty hack.

Recently when I looked at this hacking again, I thought there should be a better way, especially after I found this code snippet from GitHub Gist. At the moment I saw the code, I had a strong feeling that I have found the solution, I just need to verify it. To make code completion success for clang -cc1 -fsyntack-only -code-complete-at a.c:4:11 main.c, the source file to create CXTranslationUnit should be main.c and the source file to do clang_codeCompleteAt should be a.c. So I modified the code to pass one additional command line argument to be the file to create TransicationUnit, then compile and run command:

$ ./complete a.c 11 4 main.c

When I saw the output, I confirmed this was a better way to hack YouCompleteMe for my need.

Now I found the correct direction, the rest was just spend time to code, test and debug, here is a summary for what I have modified:

  • File cpp/ycm/ClangCompleter/TransicationUnit.cpp, function TranslationUnit::CandidatesForLocation, take additional parameter compfile to pass to clang_codeCompleteAt
  • File cpp/ycm/ClangCompleter/CodeCompleter.cpp, function ClangCompleter::CandidatesForLocationInFile, take additional parameter compfile and pass this newly added parameter to unit->CandidatesForLocation
  • File ycmd/completers/cpp/clang_completer.py, function ComputeCandidatesInner, follow the way _FlagsForRequest is implemented, add new function to get the parent source file to create TransicationUnit and pass that result to CandidatesForLocationInFile
  • File ycmd/completers/cpp/flags.py, add the new function to get parent source file
  • File .ycm_extra_conf.py under project source directory, add function ParentForFile, this function read input .clang_input_file, which is the mapping for code-complete-at-file to TransicationUnit-file
  • Created a python script to generate the mapping file for code-complete-at-file to TransicationUnit-file

Comparing to my first hacking, this round is very clean, only clang related part on ycmd is modified, the client side remain untouched.

I have checked in the modifications to my fork of ycmd at branch lamely.