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Nov 6, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments - life

Got My SG50 Driving License

I passed my driving test at ComfortDelGro Driving Center on 29 Oct 2015 with only 1 attempt. And I received my offcial driving license card delivered on 5 Nov 2015, I didn’t expect to get the card so fast, with only 1 week waiting time.

UBI driving center is the one with lowest passing rate among all 3 driving school in Singapore. I engaged a private driving instructor because of its flexibility and the relatively lower cost.

To pass the driving test, here are some tips based on my experience:

First, for each learning session on road, try to train yourself the judgement for speed and distance, especially those car coming from behind on the lane you are going to change to. Don’t be rush or panic for lane change fail, it’s learning session, safety is alway first.

Second, be familiar with the road and the circuit. You can find CDC circuit with Google search. For the road, I use Google My Tracks app to track my learning session, then use Google Street View to go through the road whenever I need. Below is screen capture from my handphone.

Google My Track
Google My Track

Third, try to book your test at off-peak time to avoid heavy traffic.

Forth, on actual test day, must must be confident, be calm, treat it same as normal learn session.