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Nov 19, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments - car

Got COE at S$59200

Yesterday was the 2nd round of COE bid in Nov, thanks to the good sale result in 7 - 8 Nov car show @ Singpaore Expo, dealer were willing to bid COE at higher price. At around 3pm, the price was already exceed 4th Nov final price.

I kept refreshing the web page to get the status. C & C put reserve price of S$59999 at 10:30am, then at around 3:50pm when the price going to hit S$59000, they revised the bid to S$60999, then I know I guaranteed to get one COE this time.

After COE, C & C still need few days to settle :

  1. I need to pay the remainning of down payment,
  2. Settle loan from bank
  3. Settle car insurance, I must say, the insurance premium is super high for new driver like me. Too bad I must take the appointed insurance from AIG.
  4. Install the front & rear camera, solar film and etc
  5. Register the car under my name

Then, they will call me to collect the car. :)

Can’t wait for the day to come!