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Dec 31, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments - misc

Last Day Of 2015

In less than 2 hours, it will be brand new Year 2016. It’s annual summary time!

Here is the summary list:

  • In April, whole family moved from very west to very east. We want to give the 2 boys better environment and it seems the decision is correct. Kids enjoyed to live in east because of so many fun places to go within short travel distance.
  • In Aug, whole family fly back to China for whole month, it’s a wonderful journey for the two boys.
  • In Oct, passed my driving test and got my driving license.
  • In Nov, bought my first car. I would say, it’s really expensive to own a car in Singapore, but the life will be much easier with a car, especially when we bring the two boys out. And the time spend on road between home and office is reduced by at least half.
  • In Dec, 2nd son started his childcare school life and not get used to it yet.

For work, there is one failure attempt for job change, not worth to mention, failed at the 1st culture phone call. Too bad! Other than that, it’s really a busy year, I was “outsourced” to another team to help product development, different working style and most importantly, the always tight schedule. I spent a lot of nights at home remote to company network to work.

For 2016, I want myself to always be prepared, so when opportunity comes, I am ready!