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Sep 29, 2016 - 2 minute read - Comments - octopress hugo

Migrate Blog From Octopress To Hugo

It’s total 9 months since my last blog post, which was on 31 Dec 2015. It’s really a very long time. :(

Today I am proud to announce I am back, and I just migrated the blog from Octopress to Hugo. Reasons?

First, Octopress no update for very long time, and I feel it’s complicated to setup the environment when I switch to new system. Second, Hugo is written in Golang, single executable program, I love it, and I love Golang. Some more reasons??? Still need more? Those two reasons are enough for me to spend last 2 night to migrate from Octopress to Hugo.

Migration is easy, but existing posts might requrie edit if it has image and blockquote. Because I want to keep the Octopress classic theme, I just follow the instructions from here. After everything done, the blog pages looks almost same as Octopress version except there is no categories list in sidebar.

I won’t write down detail steps here, all steps are in the link above. But I need to mention that I use back my old Octopress repository, which is https://github.com/yongzhy/yongzhy.github.io, I backup the original Octopress master branch to octopress_master, original source branch to octopress_source, then replace all contents in master and source branch with content from Hugo.

So to setup the blog environment on new system, I just need to

  1. Download hugo binary file from : https://github.com/spf13/hugo/releases
  2. Install Pygments sudo pip install Pygments
  3. Install https://github.com/john2x/solarized-pygment.git

    $ git clone https://github.com/john2x/solarized-pygment.git
    $ cd solarized-pygment
    $ sudo python setup.py install
  4. Clone this repository

    $ git clone -b source https://github.com/yongzhy/yongzhy.github.io.git
    $ cd yongzhy.github.io.git
    $ git subtree pull --prefix=public https://github.com/yongzhy/yongzhy.github.io.git master
  5. Add content

    $ hugo new post/newpost-title.markdown
  6. Edit post

  7. Generate And Publish

    $ hugo
    $ bash deploy.sh

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